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Front Bike Bag

front bike bag

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Bag Sketch #1

Bag Sketch #1

#1: EZ access pocket : I pretty much always have one pocket on a bag that I need to access constantly. Taking out an Ipod, Getting change, storing pens, etc. So i thought it would be cool the buckles to the main flap were moved to one side. To allow me to freely access the pockets on the other side without having to unbuckle and re-buckle the main flap. Also, putting the pocket at an angle so that my hand can freely access the pocket while it's still on my body.

#2: Stuff and Go Loop : I pretty much only wear full fingered gloves. And during the winter months I feel as if I'm constantly taking my gloves off and putting them back on. So I thought this would be a good way to store them on the fly. Just pull the ring, stuff your gloves in there, and you're good. I could also see this being useful for other items that you might want immediate access to.

#3: Magnatron : You always need immediate access to your keys. The constant locking and unlocking that can happen in a day full of errands can become annoying if you have to go into a pocket to get your keys. I used to wear my keys on a carabiner that I clipped to one of my belt loops. Then I would put the keys in my back pocket to keep them from flopping around. The only problem with that is eventually your keys will start to bend, and eventually break. So I was thinking, what if there was loop on the bag to attach my carabiner to. And also,a strong "rare earth" magnet could be sewn into the bag to secure my keys and keep them from clanking around. I need to test this. Not sure if the magnet will be strong enough.

#4: Anti-Wallet : I hate, hate, hate carrying a wallet when I ride. As if the potholes and metal plates weren't enough. But I quite often need to ride Marta, or pay for something which requires me to take my backpack off to access a pocket. Annoying. I could probably get away having my wallet on the back pocket of my pack in Atlanta, but I doubt I'll get very far in New York like that. So I was think about a little pocket that goes on your front strap just to hold a money clip (id/credit card/metro card/ cash). Maybe with a seat belt buckle on it so you know its secure.

#5: Zippers : Although velcro and buckles generally keep stuff in place. I'm always just tossing my bag so I need everything to be secure.

#6: Magazine Strap : I have one of these on my current backpack and have found it to be very useful for securing things that either won't fit in your backpack or that you don't want in your backpack but still need to transport. I often use it to carry an extra pair of shoes, long tube, etc.

Rusty Old Bike

Rusty Old Bike

During the summer of 2008 my friends and I went on a bike ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Costa Mesa, CA. Along the way a friend got a flat so we stopped off at Chicago Bike in Newport to get it fixed. In front of the shop was this amazing old bike and I couldn't help but snap a few shots.

front bike bag

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