Bike helmets sale. Retro cruiser bicycle. Chopper bicycle engine.

Bike Helmets Sale

bike helmets sale

    bike helmets
  • A bicycle helmet is a helmet intended to be worn while riding a bicycle. They are designed to attenuate impacts to the skull of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision.

  • an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices; "they held a sale to reduce their inventory"; "I got some great bargains at their annual sale"

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bike helmets sale - Playskool Adventure

Playskool Adventure Squad - Police

Playskool Adventure Squad - Police

This incredible helmet delivers interactive role play in a whole new and innovative way. Slip on the helmet, and your preschooler is instantly in charge of the road and on the run. Use the handlebar unit to control lights and sounds. The helmet also includes a microphone so your child can hear himself as he races around. Provides hours of imaginative, role-play fun. Requires two "AA" and three "AAA" batteries, included. Measures 9.75"L x 9.75"W.

The Playskool Helmet Heroes Police Officer lets children 3 and up feel like they're a real police officer, triggering their imagination and excitement, and inspiring them to go on fun, crime-fighting adventures. With an officer's helmet and a motorcycle-styled handlebar that lights up and plays music and sound, this toy will bring role playing to a new level.

Children will love playing a police officer with this set.View larger.
Working Microphone Amplifies Your Voice
The adjustable helmet has a flip-up visor and microphone that gives it a dose of authenticity. In addition, the microphone actually works, and will amplify your child's voice. Children will love stopping lawbreakers in their tracks by saying things such as "Stop and put your hands up!"

With 30 different mission sequences, children will be entertained for a long time. View larger.
Handlebar has Built-in Mission Sequences
The motorcycle handle bar lets children take control and zoom off on the latest chase. The details on the face include a speedometer, odometer, gauges, and more. Various buttons activate and control the flashing light patterns, siren, horn, and revving sounds. The handlebar includes 30 different mission sequences, so children won't be running out of things to do.
Built-in Music and Action Phrases
When out on a mission, children will love making the handlebar play mission-inspired music and say action phrases such as "Search and rescue in progress!" and "Set up a road block!"
The helmet requires three AAA batteries (included) and the handlebar controller requires two AA batteries (included) for operation.
What's in the Box
Helmet, handlebar controller, 3 x AAA batteries, 2 x AA batteries, instructions.

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bike helmets are cool!

coat: h&m
t-shirt: thrifted
sweater vest (not seen in this photo): thrifted from value village
shorts: soda blu
smurfettes for equal rights pin: antique store in toronto's east end
boots: vintage from planet aid toronto
purse: vintage candy's from garage sale
bike helmet: free agent
tights: ?

Nutcase motorcycle helmets

Nutcase motorcycle helmets

Nutcase is finishing up DOT paperwork to certify these motorcycle helmets for sale in the USA. Should be available Spring 2011. Intended market is Vespa and other scooter riders.

Seen at the 2010 SF Bicycle Expo; Saturday, November 6 2010 at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA.

bike helmets sale

bike helmets sale

Bell Fraction Youth Bicycle Helmet, Neon Orange Critters, Small

Give your little ripper the gift of the safety with the Bell Youth / Kidsa Fraction Bike Helmet so that they can bike, skate, and bang their head against the wall with full protection. Bell infused the Fractionas shell with EPS foam for added durability and strength rather than combining two separate layers. The easy to adjust Ergodial, pinch-proof chinstrap, and camlock ear straps all work together to give your child a dialed-in fit.

Product Features
Material: [shell] ABS plastic; [liner] EPS foam
Adjustable Vents: no, 12 fixed
Fit Adjustment: Ergodial, pinchguard buckle
Weight: 255 g
Recommended Use: biking
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Continental Gatorskin Bike Tires. Hayabusa Bike Cover. Best Deals On Road Bikes.

Continental Gatorskin Bike Tires

continental gatorskin bike tires

  • An inhabitant of mainland Europe

  • of or relating to or concerning the American colonies during and immediately after the American Revolutionary War; "the Continental Army"; "the Continental Congress"

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    bike tires
  • A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels.

continental gatorskin bike tires - Continental Ultra

Continental Ultra Gatorskin Bicycle Tire (700x25, Wire Beaded, Black)

Continental Ultra Gatorskin Bicycle Tire (700x25, Wire Beaded, Black)

Continental 0118539 Ultra Gatorskin 700 x 25 Black Tire has a durable carbon black mixture, a well regarded puncture protection system and the DuraSkin-anti-cut fabric to turn the Ultra GatorSkin into a real long distance runner. In varying widths from 23mm to 32mm it can be used on the way to work as well for training for road races or for sportifs and audax. A durable, tough tire at a really nice price. A modern tread design that collects less debris and the expansion of the product line to the new dimension 28-559 for fast MTB street riding. The DuraSkin technology protects the sidewalls from cuts, punctures and abrasion. The Safety System technology provides additional puncture protection by combining nylon fabric with Kevlar, positioned between the tread and the casing. Specs: Weight - 300 grams; Recommended PSI - 95; Maximum PSI - 120; PU - 10.

76% (17)

vittoria rubino fail

vittoria rubino fail

Somehow I got a bunch of these little pricks stuck in the tires. 6 in the back, two in the front. Both tires were kevlar (continental gatorskins on the back), and both were defeated multiple times by aggressive vegetables.

I took it out and it deflated like a balloon. Then I repaired the three holes, and replaced the back tire.

At least in glasgow I only have to worry about discarded needles in the gutters....



I have now finished upgrading some bits on my fantastic Lager singlespeed bike.

Not a full-on rebuild of course, just replacing some of the cheaper components that are to be expected on a bike of this price.

In the case of the wheels, there was nothing wrong with these but I wanted some deep-section ones. The complete original wheelset are on my Carlton commuting bike...

continental gatorskin bike tires

continental gatorskin bike tires

Continental Sport Contact Urban Bicycle Tire (700x32)

Continental 0122112 Sport Contact 700 x 32 Urban Tire turns any bike into a racer. The 26-inch version helps the bike messenger meet those deadlines while the 700C tire gets the fitness biker into a speed frenzy. All this added speed for your bike with zero detriment to puncture protection and reliability! Extremely fine and strong carcass plies, SafetySystem puncture protection and reflector strips are all integral features of the Contact tire family. Specs: Weight - 295 grams; Recommended PSI - 80; Maximum PSI - 102; PU - 10.

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Electric bike manufacturers. Green wheel bike. Track bike racing.

Electric Bike Manufacturers

electric bike manufacturers

    electric bike
  • An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor used to power the vehicle.

  • a bicycle which is powered both by human pedalling and/or a battery, any electric bike you wish to insure must not be subject to the requirements of the Road Traffic Act.

  • A person or company that makes goods for sale

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electric bike manufacturers - Pwr+ Ac

Pwr+ Ac Adapter for Proform 585 Cse 600 Zne 780 CSE 895 ZLE Elliptical ; Ze3 Ze5 6.0 Ze 10.0 Ze Elliptical ; Zx2 Zr3 Xp 185u Xp 400r Stationary Bike Power Supply

Pwr+ Ac Adapter for Proform 585 Cse 600 Zne 780 CSE 895 ZLE Elliptical ; Ze3 Ze5 6.0 Ze 10.0 Ze Elliptical ; Zx2 Zr3 Xp 185u Xp 400r Stationary Bike Power Supply

Will fit ProForm 280CSX, 380CSX, 385CSX, 480CSX Bikes ; 300CR, 450UR & 5.0R Stationary Bike ; 390E, 590E, 380F & 785F Elliptical ; 400 LE, 405 CE, 480 LE & 490 LE Elliptical ; 465 RE, 290 CSR & 10.8X Stationary Bike ; 585 CSE, 600 ZNE, 780 CSE & 895 ZLE Elliptical ; 850 & 1050 STS Elliptical ; CrossWalk & 300CR Stationary Bike ; iSeries 800 & 785F Elliptical ; XP 420/520 Razor Elliptical ; XP StrideClimber 600 Elliptical ; ZE3, ZE5, 6.0 ZE & 10.0 ZE Elliptical ; ZX2 / ZR3 & XP 185U / XP 400R Stationary Bike

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Douglas was a British motorcycle manufacturer from 1907–1957 based in Kingswood, Bristol, owned by the Douglas family, and especially known for its horizontally opposed twin cylinder engined bikes and as manufacturers of speedway machines. They also built a range of cars between 1913 and 1922.
The brothers William and Edward Douglas founded the Douglas Engineering Company in Bristol in 1882. Initially doing Blacksmith work, they progressed to foundry work, and then acquired the flat twin design of W. J. Barter, the founder of Light Motors Ltd. Barter had produced his first single-cylinder motorcycle between 1902 and 1904, and then a 200 cc horizontal twin called the Fair but the Light Motors Ltd. failed in 1907 and was taken over by the Douglas family.
From 1907 they sold a Douglas 350 cc version. In 1915 the engine was placed lengthways in the frame with belt final drive, and electric lighting. During World War I Douglas was a major motorcycle supplier, making around 70,000 motorcycles for military use.
In the 1920s Douglas built the first disc brakes, and had a Royal Warrant for the supply of motorcycles to the Princes, Albert and Henry.
Douglas motorcycles also became popular in dirt track racing and initially the 1923 RA model with disc brakes was favoured. This prompted Douglas to build specific dirt track models. These bikes gradually increased in size and power with 500 cc and 600 cc engines fitted to the DT5 and DT6 Dirt Track models in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The engines had hemispherical heads and a short rigid forged crankshaft. They dominated dirt track racing for about three years. In 1929, the most successful dirt racing year, 1,200 Dirt Track motorcycles were sold.[1]
The Endeavour, a 494 cc shaft drive model came out in 1934. Like other companies of the time, they were struggling, and attempting to diversify into other modes of transport. In 1935 they were taken over by BAC, Bond Aircraft and Engineering Company.
Motorcycle production continued into World War II and was extended to generators. In 1948, not long after the war, Douglas was in difficulty again and reduced its output to the 350 cc flat twin models. The 1955 350 cc Douglas Dragonfly was the last model produced. Westinghouse Brake and Signal bought Douglas out and production of Douglas Motorcycles ended in 1957.
Douglas continued to import Vespa scooters into the UK and later imported and assembled Gilera motorcycles.

French Electric Tandem around 1900, ridden by Dacier & Jalabert

French Electric Tandem around 1900, ridden by Dacier & Jalabert

This tandem electrique was an invention of the Frenchmen de Clerc et Pingault. On Mai 22 1897 this tandem rode 1 km in 57 4/5 seconds.
The tandem will not have been lightweighted. What would have weighed those four batteries? A weight that the frame should also bear in addition to the two cyclists. Also I see nothing that looks like a brake.

De Clerc & Pingault will soon develop and produce other vehicles.

e-Bicycles in The Netherland
One source suggests that Gazelle in The Netherlands in 1915 has designed an electric tandem too, with an 8- and 9-volt battery.

But only between 1935 and 1937 the first Dutch electric bicycle (no tandem) will be sold. It is an electric bike with 12-volt battery, developed by Philips and built by five Dutch bicycle manufacturers including Gazelle. In total 117 were built.
So no smashing success.

Today, this is quite different in the Netherlands. Even many of my peers have an electric bike. I don't. For now I think that such an e-bicycle is too decadent. But I admit: they are increasingly common.


electric bike manufacturers

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Free Wheel Bikes

free wheel bikes

    wheel bikes
  • (Wheel Bike (Star Wars)) The following is a list of fictional Star Wars ground vehicles, including tanks, landspeeders, and assault units.

  • Without cost or payment

  • grant freedom to; free from confinement

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  • With the sheets eased

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free wheel bikes - Schwinn Free

Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller (Light Blue/Blue)

Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Jogging Stroller (Light Blue/Blue)

Schwinn Free Wheeler ST Double Designed to handle any terrain, the Free Wheeler ST from Schwinn truly lives up to its name. You can strap on your running shoes and take off, knowing that your precious cargo will have a smooth and secure ride. The Free Wheeler features 12" swivel front wheels for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and large 16" rear wheels to tackle even the most rugged terrain. Your tots can nap in comfort, as the rear suspension system guarantees a jolt-free ride. A generous

They're already the apple of your eye, so why not make them your running buddies too with a Schwinn Free Wheeler ST double jogging stroller. Ideal for urban environments and other areas where maneuverability is key, the Free Wheeler ST includes a swiveling front wheel that handles beautifully in tight spaces, along with a pair of large 16-inch rear wheels designed to smoothly handle almost any terrain. As a result, you can easily can in shape without having to find a sitter each time you leave the home. The stroller's lightweight aluminum frame, meanwhile, folds quickly and stores easily in closets and other small spaces. Most importantly, the stroller's cabin is large enough for two children, with such features as a padded seat for comfort, a five-point harness for safety, and a generous canopy to protect your kids from the sun. Other details include a rear suspension system that delivers a smooth ride, a handy under-seat basket that holds toys or groceries, an adjustable-height handle, and a parking brake. The Free Wheeler ST offers a weight capacity of 75 pounds per child.
About Schwinn
Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that has been synonymous with quality and innovation. They have built some of the best-known and best loved bikes of numerous generations--Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray, Krate and Homegrown. Today, Schwinn continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes such as the new Sting-Ray, Rocket mountain bikes, and Fastback road bikes. With a continued dedication to quality, forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom and performance to people of all ages.

81% (5)

Wheel score

Wheel score

I was excited to get out and ride in the snow, but only got halfway through the parking lot when I spotted a couple of kiddie bikes in the dumpster. I harvested the front wheels for future bike trailer use.

I'd have preferred 12", but 16" will have to do.

Free Bike (bitches!)

Free Bike (bitches!)

It was sitting on the side of the road in Darien with a sign saying "Free Bike! 0? TAKE IT!" so I did. It's a Schwinn world tourist. The frame seems to be in good shape, the wheels need to be replaced, but I think I can make this a hot grocery getter.

free wheel bikes

free wheel bikes

Speed and Strength Little Miss Dangerous Women's SS1000 Street Racing Motorcycle Helmet w/ Free B&F Heart Sticker - White / Large

Included free is the new Bold and Fearless Heart Sticker. Approx 5" x 2.5". Be Bold and Fearless with Ancient Chinese Scripting and space to add your name or title. 1 free sticker per item added.

A.T.P.A. Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell
Meets or Exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards
Coolmax removable, washable and moisture wicking liner
AirStrike direct course ventilation system
Lock 'N Load rapid conversion shield replacement system
ALL CLEAR! Sight System optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV resistant faceshield
2012 Model

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Front bike bag - Helmet camera mountain biking - Bus bicycle rack.

Front Bike Bag

front bike bag

  • The forward-facing part of a person's body, on the opposite side to their back

  • be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park"

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  • the side that is forward or prominent

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  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • Succeed in securing (something)

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Bag Sketch #1

Bag Sketch #1

#1: EZ access pocket : I pretty much always have one pocket on a bag that I need to access constantly. Taking out an Ipod, Getting change, storing pens, etc. So i thought it would be cool the buckles to the main flap were moved to one side. To allow me to freely access the pockets on the other side without having to unbuckle and re-buckle the main flap. Also, putting the pocket at an angle so that my hand can freely access the pocket while it's still on my body.

#2: Stuff and Go Loop : I pretty much only wear full fingered gloves. And during the winter months I feel as if I'm constantly taking my gloves off and putting them back on. So I thought this would be a good way to store them on the fly. Just pull the ring, stuff your gloves in there, and you're good. I could also see this being useful for other items that you might want immediate access to.

#3: Magnatron : You always need immediate access to your keys. The constant locking and unlocking that can happen in a day full of errands can become annoying if you have to go into a pocket to get your keys. I used to wear my keys on a carabiner that I clipped to one of my belt loops. Then I would put the keys in my back pocket to keep them from flopping around. The only problem with that is eventually your keys will start to bend, and eventually break. So I was thinking, what if there was loop on the bag to attach my carabiner to. And also,a strong "rare earth" magnet could be sewn into the bag to secure my keys and keep them from clanking around. I need to test this. Not sure if the magnet will be strong enough.

#4: Anti-Wallet : I hate, hate, hate carrying a wallet when I ride. As if the potholes and metal plates weren't enough. But I quite often need to ride Marta, or pay for something which requires me to take my backpack off to access a pocket. Annoying. I could probably get away having my wallet on the back pocket of my pack in Atlanta, but I doubt I'll get very far in New York like that. So I was think about a little pocket that goes on your front strap just to hold a money clip (id/credit card/metro card/ cash). Maybe with a seat belt buckle on it so you know its secure.

#5: Zippers : Although velcro and buckles generally keep stuff in place. I'm always just tossing my bag so I need everything to be secure.

#6: Magazine Strap : I have one of these on my current backpack and have found it to be very useful for securing things that either won't fit in your backpack or that you don't want in your backpack but still need to transport. I often use it to carry an extra pair of shoes, long tube, etc.

Rusty Old Bike

Rusty Old Bike

During the summer of 2008 my friends and I went on a bike ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Costa Mesa, CA. Along the way a friend got a flat so we stopped off at Chicago Bike in Newport to get it fixed. In front of the shop was this amazing old bike and I couldn't help but snap a few shots.

front bike bag

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